Fixer France

We offer the best solutions for your broadcasts,

Shooting in Paris and anywhere in France.

Fixer France

We offer solutions for your broadcasts, shooting in Paris and everywhere in France

“I like fixing things, » he said as he worked. « The world is always breaking, here and there, this way and that. Fix a bit of it, and I feel like I’m helping.”

Bruce Coville, Into the Land of the Unicorns

You want to organize a film shooting , photo shooting in Paris, in France …

France Fixers is offering a wide range of solutions and may fix everything for you everywhere in France, the Alps, the French Riviera, Brittany, Burgundy, also in Belgium and Switzerland.

Get the best images for you

That’s our job !

Finding efficient and professional crew

That’s our Job !

Renting cameras, lighting, broadcast materials for films, videos, PR events at the best rate.

That’s our job !

Finding the best locations for you shootings ( Outdoor, Indoor, Prestigious locations)

That’s our job !

Get the best speakers, specialists, experts you are looking for.

That’s our job !

Taking care of the French administration, laws, insurances, labour regulations

That’s our job !

The Services France Fixer


We are building Crews and teams for all your images
English speaking
We are finding the best people for your interviews, Politicians,  Intellectuals,specialists, scientists,  but also real french able to toggle the best and testify.
We are working with the best Chief cameraman, 1st AD, Sound Engineer, Lights specialists,  Actors, Production, Executives, Runners, drivers etc…



We are organizing the ground logistics, transportation and accommodation.
We are negotiating all permits with the French Administration. (Social insurances, Unions, Police…)
We are managing insurances, salary, planning and budgets for better efficiency.


Locations, Venues

We are Finding the best locations for your shootings in Paris and in France.
Outdoor / Indoor
Greats Monuments,  Fabulous Hotels, Private houses, Gardens, Sports Stadium, studios etc…


We are finding the best rental deal in France
For all equipments and Materials you need at the best rates.
Cameras, optics, sound, lighting & Grip, crane, sound, dollies, cars, receptions tents, etc…

We are renting houses , flats for the crews


Editorial Advisory

We are helping you finding angles about all the french trends and issues.
To understand the real french culture vs the Parisian culture and the context and find great stories to tell about.


We are guiding you everywhere in France and in the surrounding countries, Switzerland, Belgium but also Italy, Germany or Spain,
Guiding and location Spoting in Paris but also in the other places of France, under exposed regions of  Province, Range side, Ocean side, industrial side… the real France



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By Icône Production Fixing all travels


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About us  ?

Philippe Lambert has build a great team of professionals around him able to fix any requirement. We are traveling a lot and we are connected with all the new trends, here in Paris.